Soto Betawi

Betawi beef curry

Gurame Pesmol

Fried gurame with pesmol sauce

Iga Penyet

Fried Beef Ribs Served with special sambal

Lontong Cap Gomeh

Rice cake with chicken, egg and vegetables, over a spicy light vegetable curry

Es Merah Delima

Iced delima jelly with avocado

Sate Ayam

Chicken satay


One of the most favorite pleasures for Indonesian’s is to gather around a table to enjoy fine cuisine with family and friends; to celebrate life and all that is good. Fine Indonesian cuisine is a culture that experienced daily and lives within every fiber of society.

Once called ‘the spice islands’, the land of Indonesia is vast; from virgin seashores to majestic volcanic mountains. The islands of Indonesia are scattered like emeralds across the archipelago and the tropical climate, fertile soil and miles of seashore produce an abundance of world-class quality food – some of which are exotic and rare.

Indonesian cuisines reflects history and recepis were recorded and kept as family secrets and for many generations they were handed down from a proud mother to her daughter as her personal legacy. Enriched by foreign influences, new materials and customs, these recipies have been continuously adapted and renewed. Great food, prepared with love is a cultural experience; a legacy we are proud to call our own.